Cambium Assessment Launches New Brand Identity

08/18/2020 | News Release

Now part of Cambium Learning Group, Cambium Assessment announces a new brand identity and website, all designed to better represent its leading-edge solutions and culture

Washington DC, August 18, 2020 Cambium Assessment, formerly known as AIR Assessment, announced today the launch of its new brand identity and website following its acquisition by Cambium Learning

Since 1999, Cambium Assessment has quickly become the leader in the assessment field. Leading the nation with its advanced design, Cambium Assessment leverages technology and learning science to provide educators and families with timely, relevant information about teaching and student learning. In the previous full school year, Cambium Assessment delivered more than 60 million online tests in more than 25 states.

“We were thrilled to join the amazing team at Cambium Learning in January,” said Steve Kromer, President of Cambium Assessment.  “But now, with the introduction of our all-new brand identity and website, we’re able to share our forward-thinking mission at an important time.  After all, with so much uncertainty in our communities, it’s more important than ever for schools and districts to connect with brands they can trust, as partners and experts.  Our new brand will help us make those connections even stronger.”

“With the addition of Cambium Assessment to the Cambium Learning family, we’ve taken a big step toward providing states, districts, and schools with a more streamlined, data-driven solution,” said John Campbell, CEO of Cambium Learning.  “With the launch of its new brand, we wanted the world to understand just how invested and inventive Cambium Assessment truly is.  Steve’s team continues to pave the way forward in the assessment space and, alongside our K-12 curriculum brands, I expect that leadership will only deepen.”

Cambium Assessment’s simple, yet modern brand identity is woven throughout the new website and customer experience.  Visitors to the new website can get the latest research, experience Cambium Assessment’s innovation first-hand by taking a practice test, or pursue career openings at various office locations, including the headquarters in the dynamic Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC.

“Stated simply, Cambium Assessment is the place to be in the assessment space today,” said Kromer.  “We hire only the very best talent and look forward to growing our team alongside our new brand.”

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About Cambium Assessment

At Cambium Assessment, we design and evolve large-scale assessment programs that advance how teachers customize instruction and how students learn. Our services cover all areas of assessment—developing tests, delivering them, and scoring and reporting. Since 1999, Cambium Assessment has served at the forefront of the online assessment industry, and we continue to grow. Our continuum of capabilities and services has enabled numerous state and education consortia to transition from paper-pencil testing to online assessment systems almost instantaneously. Last school year alone, we delivered more than 60 million tests to nearly a third of the nation’s students in more than 25 states and jurisdictions. All of these tests were processed with the rapid scoring and reporting turnaround essential for educators to identify their students’ strengths and needs promptly. Cambium Assessment is a business unit of Cambium Learning® Group, Inc.

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About Cambium Learning Group

Cambium Learning® Group believes every student has great potential, teachers are mission-critical, and data, instruction and practice work together to drive performance. With a portfolio of award-winning brands, Cambium Learning Group’s digital and blended curriculum, professional learning, and assessment solutions drive proficiency, equity, and other learning outcomes in classrooms everywhere. Brands include Learning A-Z® (online differentiated instruction for elementary school reading, writing and science), ExploreLearning® (online interactive math and science simulations, a math fact fluency solution, and a K-2 science solution), Voyager Sopris Learning® (blended solutions that accelerate struggling learners to achieve in literacy and math and professional learning for teachers), Cambium Assessment (innovative state- and district-level assessment solutions), and VKidz® Learning (online comprehensive homeschool education and programs for literacy and science).

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