You Only Need 1 Thing for Online Testing, You Already Have the Other 3

07/30/2020 | Best Practice

Cambium Assessment has designed our systems so that they work with the current infrastructure in districts and schools.

4 Things Needed For Testing

4 Things Needed For Testing


Our systems do not require sophisticated equipment or technical personnel to operate them. They also support old browsers and operating systems, as well as the newest browsers and mobile devices within a few months of their release.

If your state or district contracted with Cambium Assessment to use its online platform to test your students, there are only four things required to prepare your school for online testing. Note that your school (most likely) already has the top three things, and the only thing you may not have is the last one.

Make sure you have the following:

  1. A computer or mobile device for each student to test on.
  2. A computer for the proctor to administer tests.
  3. A reliable internet connection.
  4. The Cambium Assessment Secure Browser is required to administer secure tests. It operates in full-screen mode, disables access to other applications, and prohibits navigation away from the test.

Downloading a Secure Browser is as easy as getting a new app on a mobile device.

  • Technology
  • Test Delivery
  • Security

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