We are dedicated to serving all people of diverse backgrounds and learning needs. Our systems seek to provide access for all. Cambium Assessment is committed to providing services to everyone, regardless of how they access these services.

Our Approach to Accessibility

The Same Platform Accessed by All
Millions of students access our Test Delivery System. It is the same platform, whether a student is taking a summative test, an interim test, an alternate assessment, or an English language proficiency test. Thousands of educators and teachers access our TIDE Registration System, Reporting, and our other Assessment systems. Accessibility therefore is no longer an option; it is a must-have. Our systems are currently certified on WCAG 2.0 AA standards. But this certification is just one demonstration of our commitment to accessibility.

Before we write any piece of code to build a feature, we require it to be accessible. We keep Universal Design principles and WCAG standards in mind from the beginning and throughout our software lifecycle. In fact, we continue to be the first and only organization delivering online, computer-adaptive Braille tests.

Accessibility on the Test Delivery System 
Ever since we conceptualized and designed our Test Delivery System, we knew we had to administer fair and valid assessments to all students. This includes students with disabilities or impairments of some kind, as well as students whose native language is not the primary one on the test. As we create and build more innovations around student testing and learning, accessibility remains a top priority.

Cambium Assessment’s Test Delivery System offers the industry’s most robust array of accommodations, embedded supports, and testing tools. They can be made available either universally or by designation to authorized users. Embedded supports are supplied to any student who wants them, while accommodations are offered only when deemed appropriate to improve access for the individual student.
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Cambium Assessment leads the industry in K–12 online testing*

online tests
simultaneous testers
individual students
industry-standard certifications

* Data from the 2022–23 academic year

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