Alternate and English Language Proficiency Testing

Cambium Assessment believes in serving all learners. Because traditional test delivery methods are not accessible to students with disabilities, we offer alternate assessments.

Alternate Assessments

100% Accessible
Our assessments for students with significant cognitive disabilities recognize that although students start with different abilities, all can learn. Our tests measure learning over time and progress against state standards. Teachers using our tests gain more data and information about what their students really know and can do. These tests cover English language arts, math, science, and social studies and use the same advanced technology as the one used for state summative tests.

Wide Support for Tools and Technologies
Our alternate assessments employ assistive supports such as Braille, large print, touch screens, and screen readers. Because these are the same tools many teachers already use in the classroom, the testing experience is less stressful for students. Because the experience is less stressful, the measurement is more reliable.

Continuous Innovation
Cambium Assessment’s researchers find new and even better ways to meet students where they are to gather the most accurate evidence of what they know and can do. Our long-term research and development effort is focused on improving the quality and reliability of alternate assessments. We do this by developing technically sound, standards-based alternate assessments for students with disabilities.

English Language Proficiency

Cambium Assessment serves all students, including English language learners. We currently create, deliver, and report English language proficiency tests to almost 10 states, serving students from K through grade 8 levels. Just like our alternate assessments, we use the same advanced technology to design and deliver these tests.

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