Psychometrics and Test Scoring

Cambium Assessment offers psychometric and statistical services that are unparalleled in quality and innovation in the industry. The integration of psychometrics with statistics and sampling sets us apart from others.

Psychometric Services Alongside Day-to-Day Operations

Our team ensures that our clients benefit from advances in psychometrics. We use scientific sampling for field tests and advanced models for linking and equating to ensure stable test results. We customize our approach to the specific needs of each assessment program to obtain the best possible data and statistics.


Our services include:
  • Developing and implementing linking designs for field-test and operational test administrations
  • Analyzing field tests and reviewing item data
  • Constructing and evaluating test forms
  • Calibrating, scaling, and equating test forms
  • Developing scoring and reporting specifications
  • Designing and conducting standard-setting workshops

We gather student evidence and ensure that all students get fair, accurate, and reliable tests. We combine expertise in sampling and psychometrics to optimize student samples. We also use statistics to accurately reflect the complexities of the sample designs, leading to valid and reliable test results from year to year.


Test Scoring

Our psychometricians work with our computer scientists to design and engineer test scoring systems. While these systems use advanced statistical models to ensure valid and reliable test scores, they are also engineered to be fast and automated. There is hardly any manual task conducted by the team. As soon as all student responses are completely scored, the test scoring systems dynamically score the student’s test. Once the test passes validity checks, the system sends the student’s test to the reporting system for immediate availability to teachers.

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