Approved for the 2021-2022 Indiana Formative (Interim) Assessment Grant list for the fourth year in a row!

Why ClearSight?

With ClearSight, Indiana educators have high-quality, valid, and reliable assessments—aligned to the Indiana Academic Standards—to use throughout the year, providing critical insights about student achievement, growth, and overall standards mastery. With assessments for Mathematics and English Language Arts, educators can rely on ClearSight’s topic-focused measures that can be used during instruction, and across grade-level measures that can indicate students’ progress toward success on the ILEARN (Indiana Learning Evaluation Assessment Readiness Network).

Let ClearSight Help with Learning Loss This Summer

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ClearSight benefits for Indiana districts.

With ClearSight, students engage with assessment items aligned to the Indiana Academic Standards.
ClearSight assessments are criterion-referenced and measure grade-level standards with item types and blueprints that reflect those on the ILEARN.

ClearSight enables all students to practice and better prepare to do their best on the ILEARN.
Students use the same platform, technology-enhanced items, accommodations, and accessibility features as they will on the ILEARN.

ClearSight is predictive of the ILEARN.
Cambium Assessment (formerly AIR Assessment) conducted a predictive study to determine the correlation between ClearSight Interim scores and ILEARN scores for Indiana students. The correlations between the Interim and ILEARN scores are quite substantial, averaging 0.83 across grades for Mathematics, and 0.78 across grades for ELA. View the predictive report in our Resources section below.

“I like the ClearSight product with its ease of use to set up tests, and I love the reporting that you get from each test. I also like the drill-down into reports for each student. Those have been very helpful.”

— Kim Kennedy, Assessment & Data Coordinator, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation

Reduce testing and grading time by quickly assessing students on grade-level mastery using ClearSight.

In one class period or less, teachers will gain insights about student mastery of Mathematics and English Language Arts standards, including writing. ClearSight scoring uses the same research-based automated scoring algorithms and artificial intelligence as the ILEARN to consistently score all item types, including student-crafted essays, saving Indiana’s teachers hours of time.

ClearSight gives you data you can trust.
ClearSight’s rigorously field-tested, standards-aligned items give Indiana teachers valid, actionable data to inform student instructional needs.

Automatic reporting and interactive views bring information to you.
Aggregated district, school, class, and student reports are automatically available as soon as students submit their assessments. This includes growth reports when two or more measures of the same type have been taken by a student.

“As Director of Assessments, we’ve looked into a multitude of assessment options. ClearSight is absolutely the best option if you want to provide a rigorous assessment, great platform, and meaningful data.”

— Cody Stanley, Charles A. Tindley Accelerated Schools

Whether you assess quarterly, monthly, or more often, ClearSight assessments for K–HS meet your needs.

  • ClearSight’s adaptive assessments measure the Indiana Academic Standards across the grade level and can track students’ progress to success on the ILEARN
  • ClearSight’s Benchmark assessments each focus on a reporting category within a grade, like The Number System, and can be used in accordance with curriculum planning
  • ClearSight’s Educator Authoring Tool enables Indiana educators to create and share their own conventional or technology-enhanced item types, and create and share their own assessments using ClearSight items, and/or by using items they create in the authoring tool

ClearSight falls well below the reimbursement threshold for Indiana’s Formative (Interim) Assessment Grant.

“We have used ClearSight for the last two school years. Students are exposed to various question types which, in return, helps prepare them for what they see on the actual state test. ClearSight Benchmarks allow teachers to dig in and analyze student misconceptions and gaps in order to plan effective reteaches. ClearSight is an extremely valuable and effective tool to help guide our instruction and prepare our students.”

— Amy Berns, Principal, Edison School of the Arts